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Logical Indian: From Losing Her Husband to Healing Hundreds of Others, Dimple Parmar Is a Ray of Hope for All Cancer Patients

Dimple Parmar is the founder of Love Heals Cancer and ZenOnco.io, a Cancer Researcher, and a counsellor. She understands the pain cancer patients and caregivers experience in their battle against this deadly disease. Through her work with doctors and scientists, she identified a gap in today’s healthcare system, which lacks holistic healing approaches. Dimple is dedicated to easing the suffering of cancer survivors, but what inspired her to take on this responsibility so wholeheartedly?

Dimple’s journey began during her MBA at IIM Calcutta when she became friends with Nitesh Prajapat. Shortly after they became acquainted, she learned Nitesh had been diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. This news shocked both of them, as Nitesh appeared healthy and active. Dimple felt empathy for him and decided to support him in his battle against cancer.

Nitesh moved to Mumbai for treatment and later returned to college in Calcutta. During this time, Dimple and Nitesh became inseparable. Dimple provided constant care and support, which deepened their bond, eventually leading to them falling in love. Despite Nitesh undergoing surgery and numerous cycles of chemotherapy, their love grew more assertive. After graduating in 2017, they got engaged on campus.

Tragically, Nitesh’s cancer relapsed, and he reached the fourth stage with multiple tumours. Dimple took a break from work to care for him and began researching clinical trials worldwide to find a cure. Her determination and belief in the power of love and faith led them to the U.S. for treatment, where they received support from various people. Despite Nitesh’s deteriorating health, Dimple never lost hope. Sadly, Nitesh passed away in March 2018.

After Nitesh’s death, Dimple met a group of scientists working to improve cancer patients’ well-being. She learned about various treatments and healing processes. In honour of Nitesh’s memory, she founded “Love Heals Cancer.” She has counselled over 500 cancer patients, providing a wide range of support services except for financial assistance.

Additionally, Dimple established ZenOnco.io to bridge the gap in the healthcare system by offering evidence-based Integrative Oncology services. Their goal is to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and create a world free from the fear of cancer. They collaborate with doctors and scientists to provide comprehensive healthcare packages to cancer patients.

Dimple and Nitesh’s story is a beacon of hope, illustrating that love can heal cancer. Today, their 50 healthcare experts worldwide offer cancer-related services, including diet plans, fitness guidance, counselling with onco psychologists, and emotional support. Their services cover all phases of cancer treatment, focusing on improving patients’ quality of life and supporting their caregivers.

Cancer affects patients and their loved one’s physical and mental health. Dimple’s work underscores the vital role of love, support, and care in healing. The Logical Indian commends Dimple Parmar for her bravery, optimism, and selfless service to society.



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