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Logical Indian: from Losing Her Husband to Healing Hundreds of Others, Dimple Parmar Is a Ray of Hope for All Cancer Patients

Dimple Parmar is the founder of Love Heals Cancer and and is herself a Cancer Researcher & Counselor. She personally knows the pain that a cancer patient and a caregiver go through during the journey of fighting against the deadly disease. In her own journey, along with doctors and scientists, she identified a gap in today’s healthcare system that lacks holistic healing approaches. Dimple is a fighter and puts in her best effort to do all that she can to ease a cancer survivor’s pain. But what prompted her to take up this responsibility so lovingly and willingly? Journey Of Dimple And Nitesh Dimple pursued MBA from IIM Calcutta. While in her second year, she became friends with Nitesh Prajapat. Soon after their acquaintance and friendship, Dimple got to know that Nitesh had been diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer. “This came as a shock to both of us,” Dimple tells The Logical Indian. “It was hard to accept that a young man who is very active, seemingly healthy, will have to fight against cancer.” “I began to develop a kind of empathy for him. He was a smart, intelligent, ambitious young man. He was a very good human being. I wanted to fight his battle with him,” she adds. Advertisement Nitesh moved to Mumbai for treatment and then came back to college in Calcutta after some months. That is when Nitesh and Dimple moved in together. Dimple stayed by him day and night and took care of him, strengthening their bond more than ever. “We got to know about each other more and more, and we fell in love,” Dimple smiles. “Nitesh underwent surgery. He was under continuous treatment and had numerous cycles of chemotherapy, while we were still in college. One day, he expressed his love for me and asked me if I would marry him despite knowing his reality. My answer was obviously yes.” After college, Nitesh and Dimple got placed in different companies. On the day of their graduation in 2017, they got engaged in the campus itself. Within a couple of months, Nitesh’s cancer relapsed. He was in the fourth stage of cancer with multiple tumours. Nitesh and Dimple got engaged on their graduation day. “I took a break from work to look after him. People would keep telling me that there was no hope, but I wasn’t ready to give up. That is when I began researching clinical trials in the U.S. and other countries. I wanted to do everything possible to heal him, and I believe love and faith play a big role in curing a loved one,” Dimple says. Soon after, Dimple and Nitesh got married, they travelled to the U.S. for treatment. “A Gujarati family in the U.S. extended a lot of support to us, and so did a lot of other people. We knew that the treatment may or may not work, but I could see that all the love and positivity kept Nitesh happy and joyful,” Dimple said. With time, Nitesh’s health deteriorated and in March 2018, he took his last breath. “I never lost hope,” Dimple says. “A lot happened in just one and a half years – we met, fell in love, fought cancer together, got married and then he passed away.” Dimple and Nitesh fell in love after Nitesh was diagnosed with cancer. Love Heals Cancer It took Dimple quite some time to recollect herself after her husband’s death. “In the course of that time, I met a group of scientists who were working towards the well-being of cancer patients. I learnt from them about all kinds of treatments and healing processes. Last year, after Nitesh passed away, I began ‘Love Heals Cancer’. Till now, I have counselled over 500 cancer patients. We have helped save the lives of hundreds of people. Except for financial support, we provide every other kind of support that a cancer patient may need,” Dimple says. Besides Love Heals Cancer, was found to bridge the gap in today’s healthcare system that lacks holistic healing approaches by providing an integrative solution to heal cancer using scientific evidence-based therapies. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and create a world free from the fear of cancer. They aim to work along with doctors and scientists and offer evidence-based Integrative Oncology services to provide a complete healthcare package to cancer patients. Their therapies have been curated along with a group of renowned scientists who have been doing research on cancer over the past 50 years. Nitesh and Dimple’s story gives us hope that love indeed heals cancer. Today, they have a team of 50 healthcare experts across the globe that provides a wide range of cancer-related services, such as diet plan (including recipes, herbs and supplements), fitness and exercise, counseling with onco psychologists and finding love and support. Their services are provided across all phases of cancer treatment, including prehab, cure, rehab, recurrence prevention, palliative, and caring for the caregiver. Their services aim to improve the quality of life and extend love and support to cancer patients. Cancer eats away the physical and mental health of not only the one affected by it, but also the patient’s loved ones. Dimple makes us believe that along with treatment, the power of love and support and care play a huge role in healing a patient. The Logical Indian appreciates Dimple Parmar for her courage, hopefulness and selfless service to society.


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