Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Brain Cancer

Life in remission

Targeted therapies, Brain Cancer screening, along with combined therapies, are playing a great role in the success rate of various cancer treatments. Particularly for Brain Cancer patients, the survival rate of patients has drastically increased over the last few years. Remission can be partial when tests show you still have some cancer cells in your body, but most of them are killed off with the best Brain Cancer treatment available today. And then there is complete remission when Brain Cancer survivors are completely cured, with X-rays and MRIs showing no sign of tumor after treatment. Popular treatments that help patients to get into remission.

  • Brain cancer survival rate has increased with the help of drugs used in Chemotherapy or targeted therapies.
  • Radiation therapy is done in every cancer hospital today with a high success rate.
  • Surgery is a great option.
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy is designed to boost your key immune cells to fight against the growing cancerous cells.

Unfortunately, in high-grade brain cancers, recurrence is still a possibility, and with regular Brain Cancer screening and tests, your doctor makes sure that the Brain Cancer doesn’t recur. Furthermore, there are several side effects that Brain Cancer patients suffer from even in remission.

Side effects of Chemotherapy

The weakening of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy) and problems with heart rhythm (arrhythmia) is common after Chemotherapy. After years of strong chemotherapy, patients can have severe hair fall. The long-term use of chemo can affect fertility and cause weakness and Fatigue among patients. Weight gain is another fairly common side effect. The good news is that the effects are usually temporary and can be managed with adequate rest; doctors advise medications and staying positive.

Side effects of radiation therapy

Radiation can sometimes damage normal brain cells in a cancer patient. This can cause temporary side effects in Brain Cancer survivors that resolve after a few months. Possible side effects are muffled hearing, fatigue, skin irritation that goes away by itself. However, long term effects like seizures because of damage to the healthy brain tissues, developing second cancer near the radiation field, damage to the pituitary gland leading to fertility problems in both men and women are also reported.

Depression after treatment

High-dose Brain Cancer medication can cause severe side effects. A Brain Cancer survivor goes through both mental and physical Pain during the recovery process. Unfortunately, even after treatment, mental Fatigue and Depression do not go away easily. With proper counseling and support from family, patients can recover quickly.