Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ovarian Cancer

Life in Remission

Life in remission

Ovarian Cancer Treatment is a process of going through advanced surgeries and methodologies like Chemotherapy. Studies suggest that patients with Ovarian Cancer have a substantially high chance of recovering compared to other deadly cancers. The overwhelming and traumatizing treatment of Ovarian Cancer can leave several long term and short term symptoms that can take your life away. Many patients are said to experience a few of these symptoms at least once after their Cancer Treatment. These include:

  • Hair loss

Hair loss can undeniably take away one’s confidence and self-esteem. Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer treatments has advanced and painful side effects, one of them being Hair loss. Many patients experience Depression or a sense of embarrassment for losing their hair. Accepting and overcoming the stressful symptoms of Ovarian Cancer through yoga, meditating, reading inspiring books, and taking care of yourself can help alleviate the Stress caused by cancer. If it helps, one can make use of hair wigs to feel more confident and calm.

  • Fatigue

Most patients experience a feeling of tiredness and weakness after finishing Cancer Treatment. Due to this weakness, many patients face an extremely difficult time doing their daily activities. Staying hydrated, eating healthy food, and practicing healthy sleeping schedules can help overcome fatigue, thereby feeling strong, healthy, and fit.

  • Tingling sensation (neuropathy)

Neuropathy is one of the most common side effects of treatments like Chemotherapy. The highly powerful drugs can increase the tingling sensations after the Cancer Treatment. Distracting yourself by reading books, watching your favorite movies or tv shows, and doing mild physical activities can help calm the tingling sensations.

  • Depression and anxiety

Ovarian cancer and its treatment can affect the patient mentally. Studies suggest that most patients suffer from Depression after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Depression can additionally lead to loss of appetite, short term memory loss, and Fatigue. Chemotherapy chiefly weakens the immune system due to which most of these symptoms occur. Staying healthy and doing mind-easing workouts every day can help and make you feel better.

  • Additional

Diarrhea, Vomiting and nausea, decreased libido, urinary incontinence, fear of recurrence, heavy bleeding, mouth sores, irregular menstrual cycles, and trouble sleeping are a few of the other side effects that could be experienced after the Cancer Treatment.