Friday, September 22, 2023


The ketogenic diet has gained attention as a potential complementary approach for cancer patients. This article provides an overview of the benefits and risks associated with the ketogenic diet in the context of cancer treatment. Explore how this specialized eating plan, characterized by low-carbohydrate and high-fat intake, may impact cancer patients and understand the potential advantages and considerations before incorporating it into your treatment journey.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Patients– Potential Anticancer Effects, Enhanced Metabolic Flexibility, Improved Insulin Sensitivity, Reduced Inflammation, Weight Management Support, Increased Energy Levels etc.

Risks and Considerations of the Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Patients– Nutrient Deficiencies, Adherence Challenges, Potential Side Effects, Impact on Medication Effectiveness, Individual Variations and Monitoring etc.

Music therapy is not about learning to sing or play an instrument.

In a Music Therapy session, you might:

  • Listen to music
  • Move to music
  • Sing
  • Make music with simple instruments
  • Write and discuss song lyrics
  • Use Guided Imagery with music

Music therapists work alongside other healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

They may work with adults and children who have:

  • Symptoms caused by physical illness or mental illness
  • Side effects from cancer and its treatment
  • A terminal illness such as cancer