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Parul Thukral (Breast Cancer): Love and Support Can Heal Everything

My mother’s cancer journey

My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was just seven years old. She was around 35 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but I wasn’t aware of this at that time. My mom was going through a lot, and God has not been kind towards her. She was diagnosed with cancer 3-4 times in her life. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Ovarian Cancer and reoccurrences almost every five years, maybe because she did not go for Chemotherapy and conventional treatment methods. She just went for the mastectomy, and it was only during Ovarian Cancer that she went for Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

Later, she was fine and doing good. My parents were happy during that time, but at the age of 58, she again got to know that her liver and kidneys were failing and that she had a Brain Tumor as well.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

There was a lump in my breast, but initially, I ignored it because I was taking care of my mom, who was not well. After 2-3 months, it grew to double the size, and that had me worried. I got myself checked and found out that I had stage 3 Breast Cancer. The news of the Breast Cancer diagnosis came into my life at such a time that I was totally depressed. I didn’t want to live at that time; I wanted to commit suicide because everything was falling apart. My mother was on death bed, and I was just married. Just one year into our marriage, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

There was no motivation in life. I was so worried about the treatment because I knew that conventional treatment would bring side effects on me, and I will have to go through the same phase my mother was going through. So, I was not ready to take medications, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for my Breast Cancer treatment.

My doctors were literally scolding me to start my Chemotherapy because it was a stage 3 cancer. Somehow, my husband motivated me a lot, and I started my treatment. He convinced me that I need to take the treatment and go ahead with the treatment and assured me that there would not be any reoccurrence in my life and that I will always stay healthy and happy.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Before starting the treatment, I shaved my hair since I didn’t want to see my hair falling every day. Later, I started the treatment and during chemotherapy, I had unending nausea, anal fissures, blood in the stool, restlessness in my body, constipation and many other side effects. But I couldn’t do much about it as I was not aware of holistic healing at that time. One day in the hospital, when I had my last Chemotherapy session, my husband came across a magazine with articles about holistic healing. I was not that much convinced about holistic healing at that time, but I started reading about it and took some charts and consultancy from a renowned holistic healer in Mumbai.

Gradually, I started believing in holistic healing because my constipation was gone, my fissures were fine, and even my Nausea had reduced because of the diet I was following and the Pranayamas I was doing. I was becoming better day by day.

Later, I had my mastectomy done and then went for the Radiotherapy sessions. I used to watch motivational videos, movies and used to avoid thinking about cancer. I focused more on being motivated in whatever way I could, but I also used to cry a lot because it’s important to vent out too.

Dancing, yoga, having a good time with my husband and friends, playing cards, celebrating Diwali and doing everything that I like made me happy on my cancer journey. I pursued my hobbies also during my cancer journey.

Finally, I was cancer-free, and my treatment was over.

From CA to a Holistic healer

I was working as a chartered accountant and was on leave during my treatment. When I rejoined the office, everyone was so humble and supportive of me. I got a promotion as well during that year.

I was happy and doing good, but there was something that was telling me that this is not what I am here to do, but I am on this earth to help people with holistic healing. There are people in this world who are struggling with cancer, diabetes or autoimmune diseases.

If we just focus on simple things in life, reduce our Stress and toxicity around us, and follow the right nutrition, we can overcome any disease and reduce the chances of recurrence of cancer. Cancer is nowadays increasing so much in our society that changing our lifestyle has become a must. I understood this after going through so much.

I am now following a good diet. I want to say that accept your disease, accept what you are doing and focus on how to reverse the disease and manage the symptoms, and everything will fall in place.

I remember that during my chemotherapies, I used to say to God that “why me and why I was chosen for bad things in life, but I get motivation whenever I see my elder sister, who has a hearing problem by birth and is struggling with life but still manages to be happy in her life. I feel that if she can do it, then why not me.

I used to take everything on my heart, but now I don’t take much Stress now. I eat healthily and stay happy. My motive now is to motivate and heal people.

Advise as a caregiver

As a caregiver, I would advise people not to talk about the illness and the symptoms in front of the patient. Try to make the patient feel as if nothing has happened, and if they want to share something, they will share on their own. Be a motivator for them and make them believe you are with them.

Support System

I have partied a lot during my treatment. My husband used to call my friends at home, and we used to play cards, dance and never spoke about cancer. I used to forget everything when I was dancing and playing. You need to get the fear out of the patient.

I used to cry a lot, but at the end of the day, I have always stood up like a warrior, like a girl who can do everything and who has so much confidence in her. This could happen only because of the support I received from my husband and my in-laws because my mother was on the ventilator, and my father was taking care of her. There were so many people in my life who stood by me. I used to think that if he is putting so much effort for me, why can’t I make some efforts for me.

Parting Message

Don’t give up; it’s just a phase. Accept it and move on. Be happy and try to divert your mind. See motivation videos and get motivated in any way you can. Love and support can heal everything. Please don’t keep it inside; share more about your feelings. Keep helping and supporting people. Have a good lifestyle, and always try to reduce your Stress level.


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