Risk Factors of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Executive Summary

Risk factors influence the chance of developing cancer among individuals, but individuals with no risk factors also develop cancer. The individual’s risks factor for inflammatory breast cancer are still unclear but are mainly evolved from the family history of breast tumour. But to date, no specific genetic mutations or changes have been identified for this type of cancer. Some of the risk factors identified for inflammatory breast cancer include women, young age group between 40-50 years, obesity, and ethnicity of black women.

Risk Factors Associated with Inflammatory Breast Cancer

The Risk Factors of Inflammatory Breast tumour can be anything that influences the chance of developing any tumour. But having a risk factor, or many, does not give certainty of having particular cancer. Some people with no risk factors can also develop cancer. 

The specific factors that can raise a person’s cancer risk are still unknown. A family history of breast cancer can probably increase the chances of developing inflammatory breast cancer ​1​. Still, no particular genetic mutations or changes have been found for this type of breast cancer.

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Factors that amplify the Risks of Inflammatory Breast Cancer include ​2​:

Being a woman

Women are more likely to have inflammatory breast cancer than men. But man can also develop inflammatory breast cancer. 

Being younger

Inflammatory breast cancer is likely to be diagnosed in younger people’s 40s and 50s.

Being obese

People who are obese have a greater risk of cancer than those of average weight.

Being black

Black women have a higher risk of cancer than do white women.


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