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Immunotherapy Safety

You may find caregivers and other members of the cancer care team wearing special clothing and protective equipment. Pharmacists and nurses who make drugs to treat cancer use a special type of pharmacy and must comply with specific regulations. If you are receiving treatment in a treatment center, nurses and other treatment and care workers will wear protective clothing, such as 2 pairs of special gloves and gowns, and sometimes goggles or face shields. If you are receiving IV immunotherapy, you can place a disposable cushion under the infusion tube to protect the surface of the bed or chair. 

It is well known that it is known that it protects others from tradition or standardized exposure because it is dangerous. 

 Special precautions for oral or local immunotherapy 

 Oral immunotherapy for oral and swallowing, or local immunotherapy for rubbing the skin, is usually done at home. Some are considered dangerous. Special precautions can be taken when storing and handling immunotherapeutics. You may be told to be careful not to let other people come into contact with it or your body fluids while you are taking it and for a period of time after taking it. Sometimes you need to wear gloves when handling pills or capsules. Some medicines need to be kept in the bottle or box they came in. Certain medicines and their packaging must be handled in a specific way. Some may need to return to the pharmacy for safe disposal. If you are taking any oral medications, please discuss with your cancer care team whether any special home precautions are needed. 

 Safety of family and friends 

 Unless your medical team tells you otherwise, you can usually be with family and friends within a few weeks and months of immunotherapy. When you go to the center for treatment, family and friends will usually come with you. However, some treatment centers only allow patients to enter the infusion area, and visitors may need to stay in the waiting room. 

 You are the only person who should be exposed to the medications you are taking, but any spilled intravenous medications, powder or dust in pills or capsules, or any liquids produced by oral or topical immunotherapy, if they do It may cause danger to other people around it.

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Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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