Monday, October 2, 2023

Skin Cancer

How to prevent Skin cancer?

Most types of skin cancers can be prohibited by avoiding triggers that result in the development of tumors. Several prevention strategies can be deployed. People can protect themselves from the sun by using protective clothing or sunscreens. Ideally, 2 tablespoons of sunscreen should be applied to the body before going outdoors. Exposure to sunlight during peak hours should also be avoided. Parents must ensure that their children are protected from the sun. The usage of tanning beds must also be avoided. These tanning beds are a source of excessive UV radiation exposure. This radiation is a major risk factor for Skin Cancer. It is advised to visit a dermatologist once a year and have a professional skin exam conducted. Examining the skin every month can also result in the diagnosis of Skin Cancer symptoms in the earlier stages. This will make Skin Cancer treatment easier.

Skin Cancer Prevention - Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging