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How Much Does Biomarker Testing for Cancer Treatment Cost?

What is biomarker test for cancer treatment?

Biomarker testing is a method of looking for cancer-related genes, proteins, and other chemicals (also known as biomarkers or tumor markers). Biomarkers have a distinct pattern in each person’s cancer. Some biomarkers have an impact on the effectiveness of cancer therapy. Biomarker test could aid you and your doctor in determining the best cancer treatment for you.

Other types of biomarkers can aid doctors in diagnosing and monitoring cancer during and after treatment.

Biomarker testing is for cancer patients. Biomarker test is available for persons with solid tumours and blood cancer.

Biomarker test for cancer treatment may also be called:

  • tumor testing 
  • tumor genetic testing 
  • genomic testing or genomic profiling
  • molecular testing or molecular profiling 
  • somatic testing 
  • tumor subtyping 

A biomarker test may be called a companion diagnostic test if it is paired with a specific treatment.

Biomarker testing is different from genetic test that is used to find out if someone has inherited mutations that make them more likely to get cancer. Inherited mutations are those you are born with. They are passed on to you by your parents.

How much does biomarker test for cancer treatment cost?

Biomarker testing costs vary greatly based on the type of test, the type of cancer you have, and your insurance plan.

Some biomarker testing is reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid for persons with advanced cancer. If there is enough confirmation that the test is needed to guide treatment decisions, private insurance carriers will often cover the cost of a biomarker test. Tests that lack sufficient evidence to prove their value may be termed experimental, and insurance will most likely not cover them.

Biomarker testing is used in many clinical trials. The cost of biomarker test may be paid if you participate in one of these clinical trials. More information on related expenditures can be obtained from the study coordinator.


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