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How Green Tea May Help Lower Your Cancer Risk

Matcha green tea (MGT) is a natural product that patients currently use as a dietary supplement and may have significant anti-cancer properties. This tea use the intriguing possibility that MGT uses as an inhibitor of tumor. In fact, the results are consistent with the idea that MGT may have significant therapeutic potential, by mediating the metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells.

Green tea extract contains polyphenols. These include the most active type, epigallocatechin gallate. Green tea and oolong tea have the highest levels of polyphenols. This means they have the most health benefits. The polyphenols of green tea are strong antioxidants.

What is green tea extract?

Odds are you’re familiar with green tea, one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Well, green tea extract is basically a concentrated form of the popular tea that’s made from dried green tea leaves.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and plant compounds called catechins that provide the foundation for many boost-your-health claims.

A catechin named epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, gets most of the marketing attention. In fact, you’ve probably seen its presence hyped on energy drinks and supplements.

Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract

1. Supports Weight Loss

The most widely known health benefit of green tea extract is its ability to speed up weight loss. In fact, green tea pills contain high concentrations of tea catechins, flavonoids, and green tea polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

Catechins speed up metabolic rate. This helps trigger the release of fatty acids, which the body breaks down into energy. These compounds essentially encourage the body to burn existing fat stores to produce energy. Catechins may help to control body weight – especially when in high concentrations such as green tea pills or matcha green tea from Japan.

2. Detoxify the Body

Green tea extract supplements contain antioxidant properties that help to cleanse the body of free radicals. Uncharge cells or free radicals are highly reactive in the human body.

3. May Reduce Cancer Risk

In the United States alone, almost 2 million new cases of cancer come up each year. With increasing prevalence, it’s no wonder that Americans are constantly looking for ways to prevent the onset of cancer. While green tea may play a role in cancer prevention, we need more research to determine the agents and efficacy of the pills. Researchers also haven’t established the number of mg of green tea extract needed to produce cancer preventative effects.

Green tea pills may help lower your risk of cancer thanks to its free-radical fighting properties. Most research has been in the lab or on animals, although there are a few human clinical trials. Green tea extract also works most effectively on certain types of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer, and liver cancer.

The findings of another large study were in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009. Dr. Yang and his team of scientists researched 3,234 incidences of cancer among 38,408 women over a period of 11 years. During the course of this study, researchers found that tea catechins were correlated with lower risk of cancer.

4. May Support Heart Health

Taking green tea extract may protect against heart disease thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea contains active ingredients such as antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation that can lead to high blood pressure and clogged arteries – risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

When blood vessels become inflamed, they reduce the movement of blood cells within arteries. This results in tighter passages that are more easily clogged, leading to heart attacks and blood clots. Green tea antioxidants reduce inflammation to keep arteries open and clear.

5. Supports Brain Health

Green tea may also help to enhance memory recall. A study published in Psychopharmacology examined the effects of green tea on memory processing. Participants who consumed green tea were found to have improved task performance and memory recall than those that received a placebo. These results may be particularly useful for patients who suffer from dementia.

6. May Lower Blood Sugar

One of the leading causes of death in the United States and Canada is Type 2 Diabetes. This disease results in serious complications including death due to the body’s inability to process insulin properly. Green tea pills may help regulate blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance.

7. May Boost Liver Function

The detoxifying powers of green tea pills may help to promote healthy and improved liver function. Green tea has been particularly useful in treating liver injury and liver disease caused by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, also known as NAFLD.

Suggested dosage

Green tea extract comes in oral capsules. It’s available in different strengths. You can buy medizen-green-tea-extract and take 1 tablet each day. Though we recommend you to connect with an expert at https://zenonco.io/ to know the best dosage plan for you. 

Green tea as loose, dried leaves or in tea bags should be steeped in hot water for a short time. Make sure the water isn’t scalding. This is done to preserve important chemicals in the leaf.

Side effects

Green tea can cause side effects due to caffeine, if taken in overdose. These can include anxiety, tremors, irritability, and sleeping problems. This is more likely if you’re sensitive to caffeine or take large doses. 

Side effects are less common with green tea than with other drinks that have caffeine. This is because the leaves are steeped for a shorter time.



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