Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Blood Cancer

How can help?

  • Nourish Yourself

    Cancer is a disease that, even when treated completely, leaves some part of it behind. One has to have a strong heart and will to fight through it. Once it is over, what is of utmost importance is to take care of the body. Eat healthy food, follow a meal plan, specially designed for people who have had Blood Cancer. Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, as during blood cancer, one goes through acute anemia.

  • Stay fit

    Going through all that treatment for days is tiring. Once it is over, treat your body by maintaining its health. Work out regularly. Stay active. Blood Cancer patients go through Pain in their joints and bones and, therefore, must keep moving after treatment to make the bones and joints stronger.

  • Stay calm

    All the tests, therapy, and stays at the hospitals can take its toll on anyone. Rely on your close ones, your friends, and family and try to stay calm during the treatment and after it. Things will get better. Talk to people who have undergone the same experience, try to get back into your routine life so that you can feel normal and at peace again.

  • Cancer-proof your home

    Blood cancer can be genetic and caused due to family history. If you have had blood cancer, now is the time to transform your surroundings and make them cancer-proof. Make your home safer for your family members by radon-testing your home, replacing the non-stick cookware in your kitchen, delete paraben and sulfates from your toiletries, buying Organic food to avoid pesticides and insecticides, etc.

  • Get community support

    We at have an active community that is always here to help you through any need, any query that you may have about cancer, cancer symptoms, cancer treatment, and how to deal with life after cancer. By becoming a part of our community, you not only obtain help for yourself at times of need but also can extend a hand to someone who needs it.

Join us to be surrounded by people who understand you and will listen to you. Our wellness program is catered to help patients and survivors get all the support and guidance they need to win over cancer.