Friday, September 22, 2023

Emotional wellness

How can ZenOnco.io help you to keep calm?

At ZenOnco.io, we are passionate about integrative treatments for cancer that take a holistic approach to treat patients with cancer and help them get back on their feet in the recovery process. We have identified and are working towards filling this significant gap in the Indian medical field. We offer a wide range of programs to choose from, starting right from the diagnosis stage up to the post-treatment stage. We even have programs to counsel patients, programs to bring awareness of cancer prevention, diet and exercise programs, and programs to improve mental and emotional wellness.

The ‘Keep Calm’ initiative is one of the five aspects of the wellness protocol of ZenOnco.io Under this aspect, we cover mental and emotional wellness, use mindfulness techniques and Guided Imagery to enhance the senses and manage Stress and Anxiety and take a mind-body approach to palliative, rehabilitative, and integrative treatment.

ZenOnco.io’s goal is to empower patients with cancer as well as the cancer survivors and give them a sense of control over their situation and their life. The ‘Keep Calm’ mode of our integrative oncology programs offers personalized mental and emotional counseling, exercise and movement training, help for patients and survivors to build their mental and physical strength, helps with re-establishment and to rejuvenate their circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, techniques for managing pain, stress, and anxiety, methods to improve immunity and a support system that the patient or survivor, as well as their family members and caregivers, can rely on. We will also help patients to take on a more positive and spiritual attitude towards their current treatment and encourage them to have a realistic yet optimistic view of life. Our counseling and training sessions can be taken either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco.io Healing Center (ZHC) in Mumbai.

*Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai.