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Exercise Benefits for Heart Disease and Breast Cancer

It is undeniably true that Breast Cancer and exercise benefits go hand in hand. However, in this blog we will cover how exercise plays an essential role in preventing heart disease too in Breast Cancer.

Exercising is the most crucial aspect of staying healthy and fit. Moreover, several research conducted in recent years suggest that exercise plays a vital role in lowering the potential risk of Breast Cancer.

Regular exercising is said to heal Breast Cancer symptoms and even help refrain from affecting patients again. A survey conducted in 2011 proved that 70% of the patients who have Breast Cancer engage into light physical exercises to maintain a healthy weight and ward off any underlying health problems. A study conducted in 2010 suggested that exercising while suffering from Breast Cancer is not harmful.

Breast Cancer and Exercise Benefits, and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Breast cancer and exercise benefits rope in cardiovascular benefits as well. Breast Cancer treatment, like many other types, can affect the whole body of a patient adversely. We are familiar with the usual side-effects like fatigue, nausea, hair loss, etc.

However, studies have shown that newer cancer treatments can lead to an increased CVD risks. Treatments such as target therapies can Stress the heart and damage the cardiovascular system. One of the most common heart problems to arise is high blood pressure. A class of drugs called the VGIF inhibitors, which restrict blood flow to cancerous cells, also affects normal cells, causing high blood pressure.

How Exercise and Breast Cancer Prevention helps ward off Heart Problems

A recent study suggested that exercise plays a fundamental role in substantially lowering the potential risk of cardiovascular disease, especially in women who have Breast Cancer. Additionally, a doctor from Memorial Sloan Kettering found, after following almost 3000 women with early-stage breast cancer, that regular exercise reduced their risks of heart failure and heart disease.

According to the study, women who exercised five days a week for 30 minutes saw a 21% reduction in CVD risk, whereas women who worked out daily for an hour saw a 35% reduction. Interestingly enough, women who simply moved around for 30 minutes a day for three days in a week saw 10% reduction in risks when compared to women who weren’t active at all.

Therefore, the amount of work-out is directly proportional to the reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. An added benefit of working out regularly is that it can help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Therefore, physical activity is the most vital aspect while dealing with Cancer Treatment. Many doctors recommend non-strenuous and light-impact exercises while healing from Breast Cancer treatment. Breast Cancer can get overwhelming and infuriating. However, there are a few patient-friendly measures that you can take. A few of the fun activities based on exercise for people dealing with Cancer Treatment and Breast Cancer symptoms are as follows:

  • Tai Chi
  • Walking
  • Basic yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bed exercise
  • Dance workout

Many patients said that exercise and moderate movement played an indispensable role in recovering from cancer. Moreover, it helped them to stay calm and relieved the Pain caused by the side effects of Cancer Treatment. However, consulting your doctor about exercising is highly recommended. We’ve narrowed down a few of the most reliable tips for working-out while undergoing Breast Cancer treatment.

Breast cancer and Exercise Benefits: Breast Cancer Exercise Program

  • Don’t rush into exercising: Most people make the mistake of excessively exercising while suffering from deadly diseases like Cancer. Not only should you consult your doctor before you start working out, but should also workout at your own pace. Don’t workout beyond your stamina as you will tend to harm your body. Start slow and gradually enhance your exercise limit. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to do heavy work-out like weight lifting or jogging. You can do the next best thing i.e., walk the extra mile. Not only will you be astounded as to how small changes in lifestyle can help your body but will also avoid overstressing your body.
  • Practice moderation: Taking care of your body and honoring it a vital component, whether you’re suffering from a disease or not. Don’t go overboard. Cancer Treatment can be quite traumatizing and delicate. Your body becomes more prone to several illnesses and dangers. Your body parts become vulnerable and highly sensitive due to the treatment. Thus, refrain from doing exhaustive workouts involving tiresome waist movements. Exercises such as burpees or fast jogging are a strict no. Make sure to take baby steps and do moderate activities such as walking, yoga, and basic dance.
  • Cut yourself some slack: It is undeniably true how tiring and infuriating it is to deal with cancer treatment, and it’s symptoms. Due to this, you might want to try every potential method to lessen the Pain considerably. It is extremely crucial to understand that not all methods work effectively. Therefore, make sure not to try very hard. Don’t force yourself to work out if you aren’t mentally stable to do so. Start by doing Yoga while watching TV or walking around the house more often. You have no idea how even the smallest lifestyle changes can help you heal.
  • Understand the benefits of exercising: Most doctors ask their patients to refrain from heavy workouts as they can trigger a multitude of conditions, one of them being lymphedema. Most people who’ve had Surgery for Breast Cancer are prone to lymphedema. Lymphedema, in a nutshell, is an abnormal swelling of the arm’s sensitive tissues. This condition mainly happens to Breast Cancer patients whose lymph nodes were removed. However, according to experts, the right amount of Exercise can help kill cancer cells while boosting your energy, improving bone health, enhancing sleep, managing anxiety, preventing constipation, reducing fatigue, and much more.
  • Understand the potential risks: Like previously stated, Breast Cancer patients can become possible victims of lymphedema. It is thus highly crucial to consult lymphedema specialists and your physicians before enrolling in a workout program. Cancer Specialists are experts and can, therefore, advise you on the right type of workout for your body. They will also advise you on the workout duration and other similar components.

Exercise and Breast Cancer Prevention

A recent study was conducted in Memorial Sloan Kettering showed the positive relationship between exercise and Breast Cancer prevention. It suggested that exercise played a crucial role in alleviating the negative and adverse effects of Cancer Treatment.

Dr. Jones, an expert in the field of Cancer suggests that working out for about 90 minutes a week can help lower the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and heart disease. Thus, we can come to the conclusion that daily moderate exercising can help reduce the risk of developing Breast Cancer symptoms and can boost a patient’s physical and mental well-being during cancer treatments as well.

Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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