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Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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Zen Integrative Oncology Protocol for Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer is a group of mouth, sinuses, nose or throat cancers. It is an illness associated with a substantial physical, emotional, social, and financial burden for you and your family. 

Challenges in Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer challenges exist beyond the initial diagnosis and treatment period. If you are diagnosed with head and neck cancer, you may experience debilitating speech, eating, and respiratory problems, as well as the psychological effects of loss of function and change in body image. Sometimes due to cancer in the mouth and weight loss, you may be given food through a Ryles tube, which has many complications. 

Feeding through Ryles Tube

If you have head and neck cancer, oral nutrition may not be adequate during radiotherapy or chemoradiation treatment, resulting in enteral feeding initiation. Enteral feeding may be delivered via a nasogastric tube or gastrostomy tube. It has its own complication which needs to be addressed. 

Difficulty in eating 

Many side effects of head and neck cancer treatment may make eating difficult, which can cause you to lose weight. Even if you lose 3 to 4 kg of weight, especially over a short period, it can put you at risk of malnutrition. You can be malnourished even if you are overweight.

Weight loss

Weight loss and malnutrition due to neck and head cancer treatment can reduce your strength, energy and quality of life. This can affect your response to treatment. During treatment and recovery, a dietitian can assess whether a feeding tube will help you maintain or gain weight.

Slurred speech

Surgery or radiation therapy for head and neck cancer can affect the ability to talk. This may be due to side effects such as swelling and irritation, tracheostomy or laryngectomy, or other structures that have been removed. You may find it difficult to speak clearly. You may notice that your speech is slurred, or you may find that your voice has changed. Any changes will vary depending on the location of cancer, how advanced it is, and the treatment you have. Talking will take time and practice. It is natural to feel tense, frustrated and angry at times. You need to get used to the way your new voice sounds. 


Pain, numbness and restricted movement in the head and neck area may lead to depression, low mood, fatigue or reduced appetite. These can altogether affect your quality of life. Speak to your oncologist about ways to manage pain and regain movement, including medicines, positioning for comfort, exercises and other methods. Some people experience pain after treatment that lasts a long time, particularly in the neck, jaw, or shoulders. It can be reduced with the help of medicine, meditation and exercises.  

In some cases, some part of the jaw, nose, ear, eye or skin is removed to remove cancer. Some people have reconstructive surgery using tissue from another part of the body. Other people may have a prosthesis (e.g. a nose prosthesis), a soft plastic replacement for the tissue that has been removed. A prosthesis will be specially fitted to blend in well with your features. 

Zen Integrative Oncology Protocol for Head and Neck Cancer

The Zen Integrative Oncology Protocol is an all-inclusive cancer elimination protocol which combines evidence-based complementary therapies with mainstream care, optimizing physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. 

This comprehensive treatment plan has been brought to you by Certified Oncologists, Nutritionists, Wellness Therapists and Cancer Coaches. It includes:

• Access to leading oncologists and cutting edge medical treatment

• Free consultation on high-end advanced diagnostics test

• Curated program combining the benefits of Allopathy, Anti-cancer Foods, Physical Activity, Emotional wellness, Ayurveda, Nutraceuticals 

Healing Environment and Complementary treatments

• Dedicated Cancer Coach for your personalized care and regular checkups

• Awareness and knowledge about advanced cancer treatment

• Access to the Zen Global Community of cancer patients and survivors.

• Free profile matching by cancer type, stage and case history.

• Experienced Wellness Coach to take care of your mental health

 •Dedicated dietician for your personalized anti-cancer diet chart 

Benefits of the Zen Integrative Oncology Protocol:

• Enforces correct treatment protocol through the second opinion by doctors from leading hospitals

• Prepares the body for conventional treatments by boosting immunity

• Focuses on both Mind and Body

• Personalized to your case history and diagnosis

• Heals you from within

• Strengthens healthy cells and diminishes cancerous cells

• Manages side effects of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery

• Regular Health check-ups for monitoring health status and dosage

• Dedicated cancer coach

Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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