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Google App Store Academy 2023

We’re excited by the range of India’s critical needs that the selected startups are solving for across diverse sectors such as education, health, social, gaming, agriculture, and more. This includes creative solutions such as Enguru (live learning platform), BabyG (parenting and baby development app), Dhenoo (knowledge sharing platform for dairy farmers), GeeCom India (ecommerce opportunities for farmers), EyeCan (helping the visually impaired with virtual assistance), Glii (Queer dating app), Neend (mindfulness app that’s helping people sleep better), ProjectHero (networking platform for construction workers), Kurukshetra (strategy game inspired by Indian mythology), ZenOnco Cancer Care (app for cancer patients and caregivers), and many more.

Read Full Article on Google: https://blog.google/intl/en-in/products/platforms/announcing-the-2023-class-of-appscale-academy-with-meity-startup-hub/


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