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Finding Happiness Amidst The Chaos

cancer healing
cancer healing
Finding Happiness Amidst The Chaos

Walking down the memory lane, I sometimes ask myself………….what is chaos?

“Entering into a new phase of life…taking responsibility to heal your loved one…running around hospitals…pain during chemo cycles…fear of shutting down startup…guilt of not being able to help brother…placement pressure…college classes…cooking meals…fracture in backbone…???”

No… Chaos is nothing but a reminder to re-prioritize things. What is important is to find happiness and peace amidst all the chaos.

I found my peace and happiness when my parents arrived and showered us with love, care and support. Happiness was Joka me Roka (English: engagement) after convocation. Happiness was seeing my loved one smile without shedding a tear.

This episode is about happiness amidst chaos…


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