Thursday, October 5, 2023

Join the ZenOnco.io Cancer Healing Circle Talks with Monika, Colorectal Cancer Survivor, on 18th February (Saturday) from 5 to 6pm IST.

Join our Cancer Healing Circle Talks with Monika Choudhary, Colorectal Cancer Survivor, on 18th February at 5 pm IST and connect with like-minded patients, caregivers, and survivors.

Cancer Survivor Monika will share her inspirational cancer-healing journey that started when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three years ago. Being subjected to the continuous treatment and its side-effects started draining her enthusiasm, but she decided to stay strong and look at life from a different perspective. She realized that finding happiness and joy in life’s hardships is the key to having a fulfilling life.
Through her journey, Monika learned that the moments we have in life are invaluable, and the quality time we spend with ourselves and loved ones is what truly matters. She encourages us to positively respond to life’s challenges and cherish the present moments.

Join this motivational and insightful talk on 18th Feb (Saturday) at 5 pm.
Share this message with others and join us on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8055053987


About Cancer Healing Circle Talks: Cancer Healing Circle Talks are sacred spaces meant to inspire and guide cancer patients and caregivers in their cancer journey. These are open events that you could share with people who could benefit from attending them.



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