Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Join the ZenOnco.io Cancer Healing Circle Talks with Bindu Bharti, Breast Cancer Survivor, on 22nd April (Saturday) from 5 to 6 pm IST.

Connect with like-minded caregivers, patients, and survivors in the live session: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8055053987

Bindu Ji was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 after feeling an unusual lump in her breast. She underwent breast-conserving surgery and several sessions of radiation and chemotherapy. She dived more into spirituality and found hope, willpower, and positivity. She is grateful to her family, and also to ZenOnco.io for supporting and guiding her throughout her journey.

Don’t miss out on this motivational talk and learn about the valuable lessons Bindu Ji learned through her cancer journey. She advises other cancer patients to stay positive and hopeful, no matter what physical changes they undergo. She asks them to be careful about hygiene and look for any unusual signs in their bodies.


About Cancer Healing Circle Talks: Cancer Healing Circle Talks are sacred spaces meant to inspire and guide cancer patients and caregivers in their cancer journey. These are open events that you could share with people who could benefit from attending them.


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