Thursday, June 1, 2023

Join our Expert Session with Ms Triveni K, Onco-Nutritionist, on 11th January (Wednesday) at 5 pm IST.

Join the online Expert Session on 11th January (Wednesday) at 5 pm IST.

What is the importance of using nutraceuticals during and after cancer? To know more, join Zoom:

Ms. Triveni K is a Clinical Dietitian and Onco-nutritionist, having more than 6 years of experience in guiding cancer patients. She has specialized in Critical Care Nutrition including Onco Nutrition. She shall be sharing insights on:

  • Importance of nutraceuticals during and after cancer.
  • Managing weight and other side effects during cancer treatment.
  • Measures to prevent the chances of cancer recurrence after treatment.

Get all your queries answered in the live session🙂

Watch past sessions here:

Join the live session on 11th January (Wednesday) at 5 pm IST:



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