Thursday, February 2, 2023

Join our Cancer Healing Circle Talks with Vinay Hari, Blood Cancer Survivor, on December 17 (Saturday) 2022, 5 to 6 pm IST.

Join online on 17th December at 5 pm IST: Defeating cancer at 14 years of age with strong willpower

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Vinay Hari was diagnosed with blood cancer (i.e. Leukemia) when he was 14 years old. He put up a brave fight and went through more than a year of treatment before he was declared cancer-free. He says, “The cancer diagnosis was definitely shocking for us, especially because I was still so young. It did have a huge emotional impact on my entire family. However, my family was my biggest support system, and they helped me the most through my cancer journey along with the healthcare team. With the right support system, I am sure anyone can beat cancer. One should always trust their doctors and should be extremely positive and confident that they will surely come out of it. It is okay to fall because that will help you rise stronger & fearless.

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