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Healing Circle Talks with Vidhya Nair: “Decondition and recondition yourself”

Dr. Vidhya Nair is a psychologist and an exceptional hypnotherapist. She is best at healing anger, anxiety, depression, and phobia. In this healing circle talk, she speaks about being on top of our mental health, especially for cancer patients, and getting over negative thoughts.

Dr. Vidhya Nair

When she was young, one of her cousins was diagnosed with a rare disease. She always had questions about it, as she was herself a student studying biology at that time. After completing her MBBS, a relative was diagnosed with cancer.

She thought that these diseases might have something to do with the environment and not just genetics. She studied more about it in the field of epigenetics, which is very new to mankind. It talks about genetics not being the only thing responsible for changes in our body, environmental triggers and stimuli are also responsible for activating various cells, leading to multiple changes in the body.

Caregivers are a major part of the environment around the patients and there are a lot of things that they need to take care of.

The Caregiver and Patient Bond

Caregivers and patients go through the same amount of Stress and pressure whenever a patient is suffering from cancer. Caregivers have unconditional love for their loved ones, and this could often lead them to hurt them. Giving freedom to the patients and letting them be with themselves is very important too. A patient at times wouldn’t be able to do certain things even if it’s for their own good. At such times, caregivers should try to not get frustrated. Give them time and don’t pressurize them, let them be themselves.

Both of you have to involve yourself in some activities where you increase your bond. Keep the Stress away for some time and have fun. Reading and listening to music always helps.

For a family with a cancer patient, accepting the situation is the most important, and will reduce the tussle. Prevent miscommunication and seek help if you are facing difficulties.

Energy Governs it all

According to Dr. Nair, we humans have our own energy and are contributors to the energy of the universe. This energy can make us limitless, but only when we can access it.

Here’s where meditation can do wonders for us.

It connects you to your inner self. During meditation, people often complain about getting negative thoughts about themselves, and it’s true that disbeliefs about yourself come up. However, on the brighter side, meditation helps you in identifying these blocking elements in your mind.

Once you realize these elements, the important part is taking action against it.

Being conscious about our negative thoughts helps, but only when you take action against it. If there is a negative thought coming up again and again, then act on it or accept it. Observe it and ask yourself “what do you want to do about it?”.

Something important to understand here is that you don’t have to question your behaviour, but instead just observe it. You have to think that there is something inside that is causing this behaviour, and you need to acknowledge it and accept it.

The best part about meditation is that you are training your mind to be in the present, and finally getting closer to accessing all the energy and all your potential. You become comfortable with yourself, and that’s an invaluable asset to have.

During treatment, patients and even caregivers are often in emotional turmoil. This emotional energy is stored in the body and has its own negative effects. Not too surprisingly, involving ourselves in physical activities lets out this negative energy.

One needs to focus on the fact that it is a part of the healing process and it is not under their control. All one can do is control themselves and that’s the best way to get better. It’s not always necessary to face everything with a brave face at the cost of your mental health.

It’s all inside the head.

External agents affect us and often limit us. There is a lot of potential within you which is limitless. To use this, get over the negative beliefs. Start believing in yourself. What you believe is what happens.

In the context of cancer patients, often comes a situation when the doctors say that you have less time to live. Patients often start thinking about an inevitable end to their lives, and it is understandable, however, we all have an ability to think otherwise, and not believe it.

According to Dr. Vidhya Nair, our body has 2 programs instilled inside, better known as the healing and believing programs.

Our body has its own intelligence of healing. Ideally, we can self-heal ourselves from most of the mental and physical problems. But this has changed over the years, as we have started believing that we need external forces for healing.

If we are able to instil it in our body that we can live longer and healthier, our body is forced to do it, and it gets instilled into our subconscious mind.

Healing and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help individuals access their deep-rooted causes of illness. In cases of most cancer patients, it is unexpressed and suppressed emotions such as anger, unresolved trauma, conflicts, and many others, that are responsible for their condition. They may not realize it, but it is there, and it hinders their recovery. Here’s where hypnotherapy comes into play.

Hypnotherapy helps the individual change their state of mind, from time dating back to their childhood, suppress these causes, and release the suppressed emotional charge.

The first 7 years of a child is a receptive state, they learn and store what they see. Hypnotherapy helps change some of these unresolved feelings inside and makes you feel better than ever.

When you reach a space where you feel yourself again, content with yourself, a state where your mind and body are in the moment and happy again then you have healed, you are content with your life again.

Some really inspiring Books

Dr. Vidhya Nair, recommends some books to read, for everyone, to understand the “it’s all in the head” concept and implement it in their lives for a positive change

  • Brains way of healing
  • The brain that changes itself
  • The biology of belief




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