Friday, December 1, 2023

Complimentary Breast Cancer Wellness Bootcamp (Online) with Harsha Nagi, Breast Cancer Warrior

Hello friends, Are you a Breast Cancer Warrior, or know a BC warrior who is suffering from fatigue, lack of energy, tightness in upper body and loss of strength?

Is joint pain and weight gain troubling you after your breast cancer treatment?
IF yes, Join me for this Complimentary Breast Cancer Wellness Bootcamp (Aug 1- 30) where we will reclaim your energy , stamina and strength through easy stretching and strength exercises.

Hi, I am Harsha Nagi, A Breast Cancer Warrior, and an Internationally Certified Fitness Coach. My tryst with BC started a year ago, and I was really hit with all these symptoms. Putting together all my fitness knowledge and experience, I was able to create a unique Breast Cancer Wellness Blueprint which worked wonders in my recovery.
And on this first cancer-versary, I am excited to share this blueprint with all of you for free through this month of August,2022.

This limited seats bootcamp include:
12 online sessions (via zoom) of 45 mins each from 5pm-5:45pm, Mon-Wed-Friday.
 Specific stretching exercises to overcome tightness in muscles, especially of the upper body.
 Tips and tricks to include anti-cancer superfoods, smart-eating in your diet.
 How to develop an emotionally resilient mindset.

Limited FREE SPOTS Click the link below to join the WA group. This group will be used to communicate all important messages about this Breast Cancer Wellness Bootcamp
Link to Join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ex8gx0vD1FpAFf02K0Tb9F

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