Monday, June 27, 2022

Head and Neck Cancer

What are the early signs of Head and Neck Cancer?

In order for the Head and Neck Cancer treatments to be effective and to increase the chances of survival, early detection is the key. It is vital to know the early signs of head and neck cancers to be able to carry out the necessary tests and detect them early on in the progression of cancer.

In general, Head and Neck Cancer symptoms include sore throat, Pain in the mouth, lumpiness in the cheeks, trouble swallowing or chewing, changes in the voice, and more. Let us look at the symptoms of the different types of Head and Neck Cancer in detail.

1.Nasopharyngeal cancer:

The symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer are:

  • Lump in the nose and/or neck
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty in speaking, breathing or hearing
  • Nosebleeds
  • Pain or ringing in the ear
  • Headache

2.Oropharyngeal cancer:

The symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer are

  • Persistent sore throat and mouth Pain (common symptom)
  • Lumps in the cheeks and neck
  • White or red patches on the gums, tongue, inside of the mouth or tonsils
  • Difficulty moving the jaws or tongue
  • A change in the voice
  • Weight loss
  • Persistent bad breath

3.Hypopharyngeal cancer:

The symptoms of hypopharyngeal cancer are

  • Persistent sore throat
  • Pain in the ear and neck
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Voice changes

4.Laryngeal cancer:

The symptoms of glottic, subglottic and supraglottic cancers are

  • Change in voice to a more hoarse voice
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Lump and swelling in the neck
  • Persistent sore throat and cough
  • Persistent earache
  • Difficulty in breathing

5.Lip and oral cavity cancer:

The symptoms of the lip and oral cavity cancer are

  • Persistent soreness on the lips or in mouth
  • Lump or thickening in the gums and lips
  • Red or white patches on the gums, tongue, or lining of the mouth
  • Bleeding and/or numbness in the lip or mouth
  • Loose gums
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Swelling of jaw
  • Sore throat or lumpiness in the throat.

6.Nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer:

Symptoms of cancer in the nasal and sinus cavities are

  • Blocked sinuses or sinus pressure
  • Headaches
  • Runny nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • Persistent lump in the nose or on the roof of the mouth
  • Numbness in the face
  • Swelling in the eyes
  • Double vision or eyes pointing in different directions
  • Pain in the upper teeth

7.Salivary gland cancer:

Signs and symptoms of salivary gland cancer are

  • Lump near the ear, lips, cheek, jaw, or inside the mouth
  • Fluid discharge from the ear
  • Difficulty in swallowing or opening the mouth
  • Numbness in the face
  • Persistent Pain in the face