Cervical Cancer

Early Signs Of Cervical cancer



Usually, there are no signs and symptoms of cancer at a very early stage. For most women, within the early stage of cervical cancer, early signs do typically appear depending on the severity of the issue and to which level the disease has spread. Potential symptoms of Cervical Cancer are as follows:

  • Infrequent spotting or light bleeding between or after periods.
  • Menstrual bleeding exceeds the usual number of days.
  • Abnormal bleeding after intercourse, douching or after a pelvic examination
  • Increased vaginal flow or discharge
  • Bleeding after complete menopause
  • Chronic back pain, Persistent Pelvic Pain

If any of the above signs of Cervical Cancer and symptoms are observed, report to a doctor immediately. The earlier precancerous cells can be treated with medical facilities and minor Surgery. If there is a frequent experience of any of the above symptoms, the concerned physicians will examine your medical history and question you about how often you’ve been experiencing the symptoms. This will help for further diagnosis.