Wednesday, December 6, 2023


Different cancers and their lab evidence

1. Colorectal Cancer

In colorectal cancer, a safe and efficient dose of a Curcumin supplement promoted colorectal liver metastases in many patients. It offers antitumor properties, along with several anticancer effects including, anti-angiogenic. Furthermore, it finished the number and volume of animal Tumors, promoted cell self-clearing, suppressed metastasis and angiogenesis, decreased multidrug dose-limiting toxicity and resistance, and balanced and relieved tumors for treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.

2. Breast Cancer

Curcumin showed several effects on Breast Cancer starting from suppressing the tumor metastasis and expansion, induced cell apoptosis on being used as an adjunct therapy, improved oxaliplatin toxicity in the primary malignant cells, detected regressed tumor growth, and released tumor Pain and inflammation caused by treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

3. Prostate Cancer

In prostate cancer, Curcumin lowered cell proliferation, enhanced cell apoptosis, suppressed stem cell proliferation, reduced angiogenesis, and mitigated the process of bone metastatic in both androgen-independent and androgen-sensitive Prostate Cancer cells.

4. Ovarian Cancer

Curcumin showed limited anti-cancer effects on ovarian cancer. A few of them include enhanced sensitivity to cisplatin when utilized with quercetin, induced cell apoptosis, and other synergistic anticancer effects when combined with dihydroartemisinin.

  • Additional

Along with the effects mentioned above, curcumin, when combined with 5-fluorouracil, mitigated the cancer growth in gastric carcinoma, and also worked on cancers related to stomach, cervical, colorectal, head, uterine, neck, lung, oral, esophagus, pancreas, and bone.

Furthermore, it was also efficacious in chemosensitization and Radiotherapy sensitization.

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