Friday, November 25, 2022

Diagnosis for Ovarian Cancer

Diagnosis for ovarian cancer

There are a plethora of procedures and tests used for detecting and cognizing Ovarian Cancer. These include

  • Imaging tests

Ultrasound, CT scan, and similar imaging tests help in detecting abnormalities in the pelvis and abdomen, thereby detecting the shape, structure, and size of the ovaries. The best Ovarian Cancer hospital follows an analytic method that requires the patient to bend at different angles to detect irregularities accurately.

  • Pelvic exam

Ovarian doctors follow a precise procedure while doing a pelvic exam. The doctor chiefly inserts the gloved finger into the vagina, thereby steadily pressing the hand on the abdomen for palpating your pelvic organs. The doctor may or may not visually analyze the vagina, external genitalia, and cervix.

  • Surgery

In rare cases, doctors are uncertain of the diagnosis and require doing Surgery. This Surgery involves removing an ovary for testing it to detect cancerous cells and symptoms.

  • Blood tests

A Blood Test is a common method to diagnose. It usually involves testing the functioning of different organs for analyzing the overall health of the patient. Your doctor can even take a blood sample to determine indications of potential ovarian tumors.