Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

Details of the evidence found in labs and from animal research:

  • Cannabinoids like CBD and others have exhibited anticancer properties. Here are the details:
    • Cannabinoids have reduced breast tumor growth and promoted the death of cancer-producing cells and reduced the levels of metastasis and angiogenesis (blood vessel growth to supply tumors) in animal studies.
    • Animal research on rats has shown that Cannabinoids have inhibited the growth and lead to the death of thyroid cells.
    • The IL-1 _р? secretion and metastasis have drastically reduced in Ovarian Cancer cells.
    • The precursor of CBD, which is CBDA, has inhibited the migration of cancer cells.
    • Chemo prevention was observed in Colon Cancer.
    • An anti-evasive action was observed on the Lung Cancer cells (CBD)

    Many results show a positive impact of using medical Cannabis whereas there is a contradiction found in other studies. For example, in 2013, breast, prostate, glioma, lymphoma, and Pancreatic Cancer cell studies showed a positive efficacy. Whereas in 2018, studies have shown that there is insufficient evidence to prove that medical Cannabis can cure cancer. Thereby, further research is needed for any such conclusions to be drawn to conclude the anticancer role of Cannabinoids.