Thursday, November 24, 2022

Blood Cancer

Causes Of Blood Cancer

What are the causes of Blood cancer?

Blood cancer is caused due to defects that occur in the DNA of blood cells, especially white blood cells. The defect causes white blood cells to grow abnormally. The white blood cells, when they develop from the stem cells present in the bone marrow, either behave abnormally or are produced on a large-scale. They do not die as per their natural process. Instead, they live on and increase in population, outnumbering the normally functioning cells. They block the bone marrow and fail to produce antibodies, thus hindering the functioning of the blood cells. Though doctors believe that the primary cause of Blood Cancer is the development of an unusual chromosome in the DNA, no definite cause of Blood Cancer has been found yet. The research behind the cause and how to prevent it at the beginning is still going on in several countries and is building pace as the years go by. Soon, medical science will be able to eradicate Blood Cancer at its elementary stage.