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Cancer Talks with Dr Darshana Thakker

cancer healing
cancer healing
Cancer Talks with Dr Darshana Thakker

Dr Darshana Thakker is a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 22 years. She is particularly famous for prescribing music and meditation in her treatment plans as therapies. She is also an internationally licensed Heal Your Life teacher and workshop leader based on Louise Hay’s philosophy. She established the Sparsh Foundation and Health Cafe and is the director of the Development Quest Foundation, and the Co-founder of NAARI. In this interview, she opens up about breast cancer, how to react to a cancer diagnosis, and the Louise Hay Philosophy, among other aspects of cancer.

Read the complete article here – https://zenonco.io/doctor-interviews/conversation-with-dr-darshana-thakker-on-breast-cancer/


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