Monday, December 4, 2023


Cancer Prevention

Some studies have shown that Resveratrol is effective in all three stages of cancer, which are initiation, promotion, and progression. A phytoalexin i.e., a substance obtained from plant substances, Resveratrol exhibits properties that treat, prevent the onset and growth of cancer. It is known to destroy the ability of cancerous cells to replicate and change them genetically to prevent reproduction. It is shown thus to have chemo preventive and chemotherapeutic properties, and these have been exhibited in certain cases while conducting lab experiments as well. For example, a study on Skin Cancer in rats has shown Resveratrol to exhibit chemo preventive abilities.

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The anticarcinogenic properties of Resveratrol were exhibited in several tests conducted on animal samples and a certain amount of human culture samples. Hence the extent of the effect the compound has on human cancer cells is yet to be completely determined.