The cancer learning module consists of various approaches for mitigating the adverse effects of cancer. develops a cancer learning module that covers a wider aspect of topics showing relevance to practice oncology involving:

  • Recent discoveries and their impact on current treatments for various cancer types
  • Clinical evidences for the cancer types
  • Guidance on implementing the seven wellness principles with clinical practice guidelines and incorporation of recent clinical advancements
  • Selected oncology highlights from the past year

The cancer learning modules consist of information regarding the concept of wellness for cancer patients that help in providing psychosocial care to the cancer patients. It includes managing the long-term impact of a cancer diagnosis, and its treatment is initiated by offering service delivery to provide ongoing surveillance and control of cancer while supporting the overall wellness of people with cancer.

The cancer learning module provides information regarding the care given to cancer patients. It includes different resources that help and support patients and caregivers undergoing emotional, physical, spiritual, and social trauma during their cancer journey. 

Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol provides intense information regarding the management of cancer. It helps the patients and the caregivers to adopt the effective measures that will help them in their cancer journey. After reading through the cancer modules below, the knowledge, and skills of the individual will be enhanced by understanding the patient cases, and their cancer journey experience. 


Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol is integrated for cancer patients, their caregivers, and loved ones to help them understand the options and manage their daily routine during cancer diagnosis and treatment. The cancer journey is difficult for the patients and their families, friends and loved ones. The patients and their caregivers need support for healing from this phase of life. Hence, Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol helps the patients and their loved ones to take appropriate care of themselves throughout their cancer journey and improve their quality of life. For this, experienced coaches who have assisted the patients through their diagnosis help other patients provide care and support in their cancer journey. They guide the wellness protocol that is beneficial for their life. 

ZenOnco provides Wellness Coaches responsible for ensuring the appropriate daily activities of the cancer patients and that their day-to-day life is not disrupted by any means. It is integrated by discussing the questions and providing the most authentic information available in the community. Also, some of the significant objectives of the Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol involve:

  • Effective solution to cancer-related confusion
  • Provides unbiased input into all types of treatments, therapies and their impact
  • Ensures daily life runs smoothly for the family
  • Provide free weekly check-ups for monitoring health status and dosage efficiency 24*7 available Wellness coach

Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol provides care for patients and their caregivers. It constitutes professional as well as personal responsibilities in terms of cancer care. Ethical obligations are essential for maintaining one’s health and well-being to ensure high-quality patient and client services. Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol involves seven dimensions involving

  • Integrative medicine 
  • Medical treatment 
  • Anti-cancer diet 
  • Physical fitness 
  • Emotional wellness 
  • Healing environment
  • Community support

The above mentioned dimensions require more attention as their avoidance will affect the health of the individual and deteriorate their quality of life and well-being. Hence, following all these seven dimensions, Zen Integrative Oncology Wellness Protocol aims to maintain personal harmony with a feeling of authentication.