Lomustine: An Alkylating Agent Used in Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors and Other Cancers

US Brand Name(s) for Lomustine: Gleostine

Use of Lomustine in Cancer Treatment

Lomustine is for usage alone or in combination with other medications to treat:

  • Tumors of the brain. It is for individuals who have previously had surgery or radiation therapy.
  • Hodgkin lymphoma is a kind of cancer. With chemotherapy for people whose illness has progressed following previous treatments.
  • It is also being researched for use in the treatment of various cancers.

For detailed definition: Definition from the NCI Drug Dictionary

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Lomustine drugs are frequently under research to see whether they can assist treat or preventing conditions other than those already prevalent. These patient information leaflet covers uses which have been under authorization. Much of the material, though, might also apply to authorized uses that are being investigated.