Use of Etoposide Phosphate in Cancer Treatment

US Brand Name(s): Etopophos

Cancer Use Etoposide phosphate of this formulation:

Experts have authorized Etoposide phosphate for usage in combination with other medications to treat:

Lung cancer with little cells. As a first-line treatment, doctors use it with cisplatin.

Testicular carcinoma is a malignancy of the testicles. In fact, experts use it in individuals who have had surgery, radiation treatment, or other forms of chemotherapy and have not improved.

Etoposide phosphate comes in two forms: etoposide and etoposide phosphate.

Etoposide phosphate is also being researched for use in the treatment of various cancers.


A phosphate salt of a semisynthetic derivative of podophyllotoxin. Etoposide binds to the enzyme topoisomerase II, inducing double-strand DNA breaks, inhibiting DNA repair, and resulting in decreased DNA synthesis and tumor cell proliferation. Cells in the S and G2 phases of the cell cycle are most sensitive to this agent.

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