Busulfan For Cancer Treatment

US Brand Name(s) Busulfe, Myleran

Use in Cancer Treatment

Busulfan has an authorization to treat Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). It is a kind of leukemia that affects the (CML).

It’s a therapy for palliative care. The Myleran brand of busulfan has an authorization for this purpose.

Experts also use it in combination with other medicines to get CML patients ready for a stem cell transplant. The Busulfex brand of busulfan has an authorization for this purpose.

This is still on to see Busulfan’s use in the treatment of other types of cancers.


A synthetic dimethane-sulfonate derivative having anti-cancer and cytotoxic characteristics. Busulfan appears to work by alkylating DNA, despite the fact that its mode of action is unknown. Carbonium ions generate after systemic absorption of busulfan, leading in DNA alkylation and DNA breakage, as well as suppression of DNA replication and RNA transcription.

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Experts are frequently investigating drugs to see whether they can assist treat or prevent conditions other than those for which have an authorization. This patient information leaflet only covers authorized uses of the medication. However, most of the information may also be applied to those who aren’t approved.