Use of Apalutamide in Cancer Treatment

Brand name: Erleada

Use of Apalutamide in Cancer Treatment

Apalutamide authorizes to treat the following conditions:

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects men.

  • Patients with cancer that has metastasized (spread to other regions of the body) and is castration-resistant (has responded to treatments that lower testosterone levels).
  • Patients with non-metastatic cancer who are castration-resistant (has not responded to treatments that lower testosterone levels).


A tiny chemical and androgen receptor (AR) antagonist with anticancer potential. In fact, Apalutamide binds to AR in target tissues, inhibiting androgen-induced receptor activation and allowing inactive complexes to form that can’t be translocated to the nucleus. This inhibits AR-responsive genes from binding to and its transcription. This, in turn, suppresses the production of genes that control prostate cancer cell proliferation, potentially halting cell growth in AR-expressing tumor cells.

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