Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Blood Cancer

Brief about Blood Cancer

Originating in the bone marrow, Blood Cancer occurs due to abnormal growth of blood cells. It could also happen when the bone marrow stops producing healthy blood cells or when the multiplication of cells happens at an abnormal pace. Blood cells are of different types:

  • White blood cells: fights infection
  • Red blood cells: carry oxygen to parts of the body and carbon dioxide back to the lungs
  • Platelets: helps in clotting

These originate from stem cells. These stem cells can develop into different types of blood cells through a process called ‘differentiation.’ If complications occur during this process, it can be the leading cause of Blood Cancer. Though there is no official screening test to detect blood cancer, one can identify it with the symptoms caused by it. Also, with the extensive research conducted in recent years, the death rate due to Blood Cancer has been drastically reduced. Depending upon the type of blood cancer, there is at least a 63% chance that a Blood Cancer patient will live five years or longer.