Preventions of Brain Tumor

Executive Summary

Some primary preventive measures are taken for reducing the risk of brain tumor. To date, no appropriate preventive measures are known for a brain tumor. Brain tumors are prevented by avoiding environmental hazards involving quitting smoking habits and excessive radiation exposure to the head region. Smoking habits lead to the risk of developing malignant gliomas. Also, if patients are given radiation therapy, they may build a risk of brain tumors.

Prevention of Brain Tumor

According to Preventions of Brain Tumor, one cannot prevent a brain tumor. Knowing the risk factors and consulting about them with your doctor can help you make more correct decisions. But, currently, there are no well-known ways to prevent a brain tumor through lifestyle changes ​1​.

You can lessen the risk of developing a brain tumor by avoiding environmental hazards such as :

The most important Preventions of Brain Tumor is No Smoking

Cigarette smoking may be associated with developing malignant gliomas. Also, Long-term heavy smoking could be a factor for risk stratification in individuals attending brain tumor clinics ​2​.

Excessive exposure to radiation to the head

For patients with other types of cancer in or around the head, radiation therapy is given if doctors feel the benefits of the treatment can exceed the small risk of developing a brain tumor years later ​3​. When needed, doctors try to limit the dose of radiation as much as possible.

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