Prevention of Blood Cancer

Executive Summary

Some primary preventive measures are taken for reducing the risk of cancer. Blood cancer is the abnormal growth of blood cells formed by blood stem cells in the bone marrow. Hence, no appropriate preventive measures for blood cancer. Some of the significant steps are followed for reducing the risk of blood cancer. Steer clear of any radiation exposure, avoid smoking and tobacco, avoid smoking and tobacco exposure to chemicals, genetic disorders, active stay, and taking care of diet are significant steps to reduce the risk of blood cancer.

Preventive Measure of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is nothing but the abnormality of the blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) formed by the blood stem cells in the bone marrow. There is no sure way for prevention of blood cancer, but after a lot of research, the researchers found a few steps to follow that can reduce the risk of blood cancer ​1,2​

Steer clear of any radiation exposure

Radiation at higher wavelengths can cause abnormalities in the DNA of the blood cells, which cause blood cancer. If a person takes radiation to cure other cancers or diseases it can also cause blood cancer. 

Avoid smoking and tobacco

This is one of the most common prevention of blood cancer, a popular misconception is that smoking causes only mouth and lung cancer. Still, it causes abnormalities in the DNA of the blood cells, which is a significant cause of blood cancer. Smoking makes the body vulnerable, reducing immunity making it very likely to succumb to cancers.

Avoid exposure to chemicals

Exposure to benzene and pesticides has a high risk of blood cancer. If your job requires exposure to chemicals of any kind, take precautions so that they may not affect your health and prevent cancer. If you are getting chemotherapy, certain drugs are given to increase the risk of blood cancers. 

Genetical disorders

Certain genetic diseases like down syndrome, bloom syndrome, and Fanconi anemia can abnormalities the DNA of the blood cells, which causes blood cancer. If a person has any of the above genetic disorders, it’s better to get tested and prevent succumbing to cancer.

Stay active

Staying active means nothing but regularly giving the body some exercise. It keeps the body healthy, boosts immunity and helps keep your body healthy.

Take care of your diet

Healthy food gives you nutrients, fibres, proteins which helps the body fight against diseases that helps to prevent blood cancer. However, these days, a healthy diet is harder to maintain with access to junk food. People should avoid certain types of food, like processed meat, canned food, refined sugars, Hydrogenated oils, and aerated drinks.     


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