Symptoms and Signs of Astrocytoma

Executive Summary

Astrocytoma is diagnosed through signs and symptoms. Some common signs and symptoms among this type of tumour patients include headaches, tired and dissatisfied life, seizures not due to high fever, issues with vision such as double vision symptoms, and growth and development that has shifted. 

Signs and Symptoms of Astrocytoma

The following symptoms are common in children with astrocytoma. Children may or may not experience any signs, including the following symptoms of astrocytoma ​1​

  • Headaches
  • Tired and dissatisfied life
  • Seizures that aren’t due to high fever
  • Problems with vision, for example, double vision
  • Growth or development that has shifted

The only indication could be that the head is growing too quickly, although, an infant’s skull can expand to accommodate a growing brain tumor.

Please get in touch with your child’s doctor if you are concerned about any changes your child is experiencing. In addition to other questions, the doctor will inquire about how long and how frequently your child has been having Symptoms of Astrocytoma. This aids in determining the reason, which is diagnosis.

Symptom relief is an essential element of the care and treatment process called palliative or supportive care. It is frequently initiated soon after a diagnosis and continued throughout treatment. 


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