Sign and Symptoms of Appendix Cancer

Executive Summary

The person affected by appendix cancer is diagnosed on the basis of signs and symptoms. Some common signs and symptoms of appendix tumour patients include inflammation of the appendix, ascites in the abdomen, pain and aches in the abdomen and pelvis, changes in bowel habits, and infertility among women.

Signs and Symptoms of Appendix Cancer

Symptoms or indicators of appendix tumour include the ones listed below. Appendix cancer patients may or may not have any of these symptoms ​1​

  • Appendicitis – appendix becomes inflamed.
  • Ascites is a type of fluid that collects in the abdomen.
  • Bloating.
  • Aches and pains in the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Increased waistline circumference, with or without a protrusion of the navel (bellybutton)
  • Bowel function changes.
  • Infertility refers to a woman’s inability to conceive a child.

Please talk to your doctor if you are concerned about any changes you are experiencing. In addition to other questions, your doctor will inquire about how long and how frequently you’ve been experiencing the symptoms of Cancer. This is to assist in determining the cause of the condition, which is referred to as a diagnosis.

After a cancer diagnosis, symptoms relief is critical of Appendix tumour care and therapy. It is frequently initiated soon after a diagnosis and continued throughout treatment. This is known as palliative or supportive care. Make an appointment with your health care provider to discuss your symptoms, including any new or changing symptoms.


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