Appendix Cancer Statistics

Executive Summary

Appendix cancer has affected very few, about 1-2 individuals per million. The 5-year survival rate of this cancer depends upon many factors. These involve the stage, mostly at the time of diagnosis, size, and the type of tumor. This rate for grade 1 or grade 2 gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors involving such types of tumors of the appendix ranges from 67-97% showing its growth and metastasis. The estimation for anal cancer might show variation in the result with a better diagnosis or treatment that was available for less than five years.

Statistics of Appendix Cancer

A Primary appendix tumour is a cancer that begins in the appendix. Based on the Appendix Cancer Statistics, it is rare, affecting just 1 to 2 people per million ​1​.

The 5-year survival rate of Appendix Cancer shows the percentage of persons who live for at least five years after being diagnosed with cancer. This rate is determined by many factors, including the stage and grade of the disease at the time of diagnosis, the kind, and the size of the tumor.

The 5-year survival rate for grade 1 or grade 2 GI neuroendocrine tumors, which includes such kinds of tumors of the appendix, is between 67 percent and 97 percent. The survival rate is determined by the tumor’s size and the extent to which it has grown or spread.

Other types of appendix cancer are rare. So, talk to your doctors about the factors affecting your specific diagnosis.

You should note that these survival rates are only estimates. The figure is based on yearly data on the number of people in the United States who have this cancer ​2​. Experts also take a look at the survival numbers every five years. As a result, the estimate may not show the outcomes of improved diagnosis or therapy that has been available for less than five years.


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