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American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE)

American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE)

The American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) is a professional credentialing body for vocational experts and psychometric evaluators.  Its certified members have academic preparation in several disciplines including; rehabilitation, psychology, economics, assessments and consulting.  Prior to completion of the certification process, professionals may become associate or student members of the American Board of Vocational Experts.

ABVE promotes competency in forensic vocational evaluation, testimony and psychometric assessments through a certification program which is the only one in the United States, education and training, research, and cooperative relationships.  

Benefits of membership include having access to tools for professional growth and interfacing with professionals within the industry, expanding your professional profile through a listing in our membership directory, receiving peer reviewed publications and discounted rates for attending conferences, or completing continuing education.


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