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A free AI-based tool for cancer patients stuck at home

Shaukat Hayat, 67, was diagnosed with colon cancer last year in December. His treatment was going on when the lockdown was announced in March and as a result the treatment had to be stopped. Even when he managed to reach his hospital, it was difficult to get the treatment on time or meet the doctor. It is during this difficult time that his son Zishan discovered a free online AI-based cancer tool, Ziopar. “After putting in details about his disease, physiology and medical history, Ziopar was able to suggest treatment options, diets and appropriate exercise for my father’s condition,” says Zishan.

Diagnosis of cancer can take even the best of us by surprise and shock. Therefore, getting medically correct guidance during these early stages can go a long way in establishing a strong treatment path, and confidence of the patient and his/her family. Launched by Zenonco, an online cancer management platform, the main purpose of Ziopar is to assess the health and past medical history of the patient and then suggest appropriate treatment options, investigations to undertake, the right diet and exercise to follow and even the right questions to ask your oncologist. “Getting treated for cancer was particularly hard during the lockdown. That’s why we launched this tool to help patients and families get correct guidance and information while sitting at home. More than 6,000 cancer patients have accessed Ziopar during the lockdown and benefited from its AI assessment,” says Dimple Parmar, co-founder Zenonco.

“After using Ziopar I would say our cancer journey was more planned. There was no fear that we were missing out on any part, we knew what needed to be done. As a caregiver it helped me to have clarity about the disease and manage it better,” says Zishan.

Source Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/sunday-times/a-free-ai-based-tool-for-cancer-patients-stuck-at-home/articleshow/76265771.cms


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