Monday, October 2, 2023

Pancreatic Cancer

A brief about Pancreatic Cancer

The Pancreas is the organ responsible for digestion and keeping a check on blood sugar. Located in the abdomen region, behind the lower stomach, this organ releases digestive enzymes and churns out insulin.When cells in our body degenerate or become old, they are replaced by new cells. These new cells are supposed to be exact replicas of the cells they are replacing. However, sometimes the new cells turn out to be different. If the intricate and elite systems in our body are not able to correct this mistake, these cells grow to become cancer cells.

Pancreatic cancer occurs in the pancreatic tissues and is difficult to identify in the early stages. There are many crucial organs located right next to the Pancreas, such as bile ducts, intestine, major blood vessels, etc. Unfortunately, Pancreatic Cancer is extremely metastatic and spread directly to these vital organs.In cases like these, removing the malignant 4 pancreatic tumor isn’t enough; the surgeon may have to remove the Pancreas in entirety.

No wonder Pancreatic Cancer is extremely ruthless and dangerous. It has a high-risk rate and a low relative survival rate. But the fight isn’t over till we say it is. Today innumerable ongoing clinical trials are striving for better treatment and survival rate when it comes to Pancreatic Cancer.