Types of Cancer Overview

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These are the most common types of cancer in India and click on them for more information and resources:

Types of Cancer Overview

There are more than 100 types of cancers all unique, yet similar in their own way. There is even variation based on the type of tissue or organ, cancer stems from. For example, breast cancer depending on if its triple-negative or one that is a hormone receptor and epidermal growth factor positive itself has different approaches to treatment.Cancers are basically a faulty defect in your cells that divide and grow without stopping. There are some mutations (faulty defects) that grow quicker than others. Your body can influence the epigenetic factors, which is a phenotypic change that affects cellular traits which may result from external or environmental factors.

Which is why we at ZenOnco.io want to help you understand how your cancer behaves because that will influence the type of testing and treatment used. It will also prepare you for possible treatment side effects and guide you in steps to prevent or minimize these effects.

This will also help you and us decide which complementary therapies and lifestyle changes  work best with your doctor’s recommended conventional therapies. You can also prepare your family and caregiver what to expect. You can plan ahead to understand the support you may need. Also learning what to expect will allow you to be mentally ready for the next few weeks or months to come.

Cancer control begins with prevention and extends through detection, diagnosis, and treatment. With so many kinds of cancer, the specific details for each stage vary considerably, but some concepts generally apply to all.[ 1 ]

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Source: National Cancer Institute

Our goal is to help you live as well as you can for as long as you can using the optimal combination of integrative therapies (conventional therapy with complementary therapy).