Suvendu Das (Colon cancer): “Fourth Stage of Inspiration”

cancer Thriver

When he called Dimple, his resolve was broken. Although Subhendu had been in contact with her for quite some time; this time it was clear that the matter was very serious. When he told Dimple that really needed her help, and he wanted to live not for himself, but his family and his little daughter who is still in 10th standard, Dimple and LHC set out to help him.

Determined to assist Subhendu as best she could, Dimple left Delhi for Hyderabad and spent three days at his house. There she raised not only Subhendu’s spirits but also his entire family who had been standing by his side all this time. Dimple had been interacting with them previous to the visit too, but her presence brought a significant change. The family welcomed Dimple with open arms, and she in return totally changed the environment of the house. Due to her energy and exuberance, the mood of the entire family was uplifted.

When Subhendu saw Dimple not only motivating but also performing healing practices like meditation, exercising, walking etc. alongside him, he was rejuvenated from inside. He enthusiastically told Dimple to create a healing routine for him along with all the necessary dietary additions and vowed to follow them to the letter. When leaving Subhendu’s 75-year-old mother told Dimple that she came like an angel to their home and they will never forget what she has done for them.

This might be a small and humble gesture, but that is what we at Love Heals Cancer deal with. We understand and appreciate that even a small gesture of love and care can motivate a person to do what he might not consider himself capable of. After Dimple’s visit, the next checkup revealed that Subhendu had started healing and his condition had improved substantially. He now follows the healing routine every day and has vowed to get better not only for himself but also his family. Perhaps you can also motivate someone to do the same. This is our mission at Love Heals Cancer.