Navitha (Breast Cancer): “Faith in my own inner self helped me heal”

navitha varsha breast cancer survivor alternate medicine over chemotherapy


I felt a small lump in my breast sometime in late January 2019, which grew in size over the next couple of weeks. There was absolutely no pain, but I simply wanted to be sure it is nothing and hence contacted my gynaecologist.

Treatment Protocol:

The tests confirmed the presence of cancerous growth. It was a shock because I was 27 years old and diagnosed with medullary carcinoma of the breast.


I took multiple tests but all the reports led to the same conclusion. According to the conventional method, I had to go through a PET scan followed by three sittings of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor, and later a surgery had to be performed and the next steps would be decided after that.


Petrified of the amount of radiation in PET scan, I was reluctant. But due to the urgency of the situation heightened by grim-looking doctors and dull hospitals, I felt as if there was no other choice. I was not comfortable with chemotherapy because of my own research which said that chemotherapy in fact induces cancer.

Alternate Methods:

Somewhere in my mind, I was inclined towards alternative forms of treatment. So when I was told of chemotherapy, I started exploring alternate options too. I met a doctor who is an oncologist and treats cancer using herbs. He took a look at my reports and explained to my family and me in detail about cancer and its growth reassuring me that if this was genuinely cancer, I would have already been dead. He went on to explain that cancer in its TRUE sense kills anyone within ten days and in his entire career of over 30 years, he has only met one real cancer patient. And he just left it at that…

The Revelation:

The regular protocol for treatment is chemotherapy which shrinks the tumor followed by surgery to remove the tumor. I was convinced by the doctor’s explanation as I did my own individual research which added up the many dots I was trying to connect in my mind. I decided to go with his treatment. However, it was not easy to explain this seemingly irrational decision to anyone apart from my close family who stood by my decision because there was no real statistical data to prove it.

Family Support:

I went through this form of alternate treatment because I truly believe that it is up to a patient which form of treatment to undergo as the mind plays a bigger role in healing than what meets the eye. While I did this, I wanted to prepare my family of my absence from Earth in case the alternative treatment failed; hence I deliberately kept myself away from my family during the three months after diagnosis. I immersed myself in activities and experiences that I had always wanted to do and did absolutely just that – I traveled to the mountains.

Treatment Protocol:

While living amidst nature, I followed the strict dietary practice that my doctor prescribed and took the herbal medicines, which were primarily tea of sorts. Additionally, I had a very disciplined lifestyle that focused on disconnection with social media, good rest, healing food and yoga – breathing exercises, physical exercises, meditation and inner healing work, deep relaxation practices. To be honest, I forgot that I was diagnosed with cancer for the time being as I was thoroughly involved in simply living and learning for the first time how to live. Here, I also experimented on myself various practices such as sound healing, sun therapy, cold water therapy, etc. that I garnered from documentaries, alternative practitioners and books. The impact of all this was that the tumor shrunk and it got detached within three months of the treatment and lifestyle change. The ultimate aim of chemotherapy was also this. So I achieved it without going for conventional methods. Then I had a surgery to remove the tumor.


Through surgery, the tumor was removed and sent for biopsy. Conventional doctors wanted me to undergo chemotherapy after the surgery too because the biopsy revealed malignancy. However, since I was already following one line of treatment which yielded results I simply continued with life without alopathic medicines after the surgery.


After 3 months of surgery, I got a test done, and the reports showed everything to be normal. In my life, there’s a clear before and after the cancer diagnosis – a transformation so marvelous that I barely recognize who I used to be before this life-transforming event. I’ve understood my purpose in life and clearly look at life as a gift evey single day, living in a way that causes the least impact to the external environment (community, planet) internal environment (body, mind and spirit).

Parting Message:

I think these things worked because I found a purpose for wanting to live. Throughout the three months of the treatment, I worked extensively and with a lot of determination on mending relationships with my loved ones as well as with myself, changed my lifestyle drastically to be in harmony with the natural laws of life. Recently I have been recording my cancer journey in the form of a podcast. I also work with cancer patients through yoga workshops to help them tide through these hard times where I share practices and tools in a systematic guided approach that worked for me. By these, I want to be there for all the brave souls who are fighting this battle in whatever way possible by me. I would like all cancer patients to realize that no matter how dark the night is, there will always be a dawn to offer hope.