Divya Sharma (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia): “I am a WINNER”

Divya Sharma acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor


In 2017, I started suffering from various health issues. Right from internal bleeding, and nose bleeding to breathing problems, I was constantly suffering from something or the other. Sometimes, I would catch a cold out of the blue, even during high climatic temperatures. The local doctor exclaimed that it might be due to dengue.


Suddenly, clots started to appear all over my body. Looking at the severity of the condition, my parents took me to two oncologists. They prescribed a series of tests and the results indicated the possibility of cancer.


I have no family history with cancer. Therefore, we were petrified. Without any delay, I was taken to a hospital in Ahmedabad. There, the doctors diagnosed and confirmed that I was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia or ALL. I was lucky enough to detect it in the first stage itself.

Treatment Protocol:

As a part of my treatment protocol, I was prescribed to go through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I went through 24 chemotherapy sessions and around 12-14 radiation therapy sessions. To be honest, it was taxing and very hectic. I had to keep shuffling between Jaipur, Delhi, and Mumbai.


Chemotherapy and radiation weaken your immune system. Your bones get weaker and you can barely move. Once I was ventilated too and that was very stressful. By the end of September 2017, the chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions came to an end.


I came home and my family heaved a sigh of relief. I was very happy that I didn’t have to visit the hospital again. But due to my weak immune system, throughout the year of 2018, I suffered from cough and cold, fever repeatedly. Once I had influenza too. It was really difficult to recover quickly. But at the end of it, I made it. I had finally conquered  acute lymphoblastic leukemia!

Family Support:

Though it was difficult, I was very optimistic during those days, thanks to my family. I am from Ajmer, Rajasthan. But for the treatment, we had to stay in Ahmedabad away. During such extremely emotionally and physically stressful situations, it is difficult to keep one’s motivation levels and hopes high. But, I prepared myself before my treatment and that helped me a lot.


I can’t thank my family and friends enough for standing by my side at those critical moments. They also helped me a lot to come out of those traumatic situations. All the doctors and caregivers were also very supportive and helpful. All of these people motivated me, inspired me. I also used to read a lot of healing stories and those stories held my spirit high. So, hope, belief, and optimism was my mantra to survive. I came out as a better person. Now I am emotionally more stable and my life changed thereafter.

Parting Message:

As a survivor, I want to say to everyone that never lose your hope. Prepare yourself emotionally before the treatment. I know that the process is very stressful both physically, mentally, and emotionally. But believe me, you will come out as a better person. So, don’t lose your hope. If you ever need help, don’t bother to ask. Doctors and caregivers are there to help you at any cost. And keep your family and friends by your side. They are the biggest strength you can have.


From my experience, after the treatment, my life took a 180degree turn. Now I am more optimistic as a person. I laugh more. Today, my perspective and outlook towards challenges has changed. Try to look at things from a positive point of view. I feel so blessed to start my life again in this way. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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Divya sharma acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor
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