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Alka Kochar Juneja (Breast Cancer): Reason for my success is optimism


Exactly 4.5 yrs ago, I had acute Pain in my breasts and had to travel from Rohtak to met Dr. Kanchan Kaur from Medanta hospital, Gurgaon. PET Scan did not show lymph nodes, but I was suggested to remove it in the initial stage.

Family Support:

My husband motivated me to go ahead. I was worried about my daughter. I am a happy person otherwise. My kids inspire me to try out new dresses. I am trying new things and feel great about it. My husband ensures I don't sit alone and takes me to family support programs and ceremonies


Post-surgery, I went through radiation. I was apprehensive about radiation and was petrified of radiation. But it is my family's motivation that kept me going.

Exercises and Diet:

I started breathing exercises and my diet changed. To combat radiation side-effects, I took soups and juices often. I ate less food and the spice consumption was low. Diary was a big NO, so were sweets and savories. I refrained from eating bread too and occasionally, I would munch on plain salted chips without other spices and condiments.

I am diabetic too. Therefore, I was restricted to carrot-cucumber juices. Due to my strict diet regimen, my Platelet and hemoglobin levels were intact. The side effects of radiation were minimal. All the vegetables and fruits were toe be immersed in water for a couple of hours before peeling and boiling them.


I have improvised confidence levels and started kathak, drawing, and cycling. I started living happily after my Surgery. I visit a beauty parlor to pamper myself frequently. I even go to kitty parties

Doctors and Medical Staff:

The entire medical team at Medanta was of top-notch quality and I had a positive experience. From regular check-ups to inspirational talks and fun games, they engage us in a variety of activities even now. Many patients sing, dance, recite poems, and draw on Zoom calls conducted by the cancer support group at Medanta.

Alternate Therapy:

I was selected as a part of Medanta's internal research on the effect of Yoga and Ayurveda on cancer. I was taught breathing exercises for that. I have also tried meditation. My PET inspires me to go out for a walk and play every single day.


My mother and aunt have had cancer in the past. My uncle suffered from Prostate Cancer.

The role of stress:

I was stressed because of my husband's business loss and son's unemployment. My daughter, a summer intern at Lodha Group would have been affected if anything happened to me. I wanted to be there for her.


Be positive, unless you are positive you can't recover. I have become more positive than before. Cancer has had a positive effect on me

Parting Words:

The main reason for my success is optimism and immense faith in the doctors. I was bold enough to take the prompt decision of going under the knife. Timely treatment and a proper outlook towards the entire treatment protocol cannot be ruled out.