What are diagnostic tests for cancer?


Diagnostic tests are medical examinations performed to detect and confirm cancer. It also helps in knowing the stage and grade of cancer. Diagnostic tests are needed throughout cancer treatment to assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment.  


Why should you go for ZenOnco.io Diagnostic test?


Cancer treatment involves frequent blood tests and scans. We help you in this regard in the following manner:


  • Connecting you with labs that specialize in cancer near your home
  • Tests at lower than market price as part of our patient assistance program
  • Arrange for free home pick-up of blood samples


Fee of Cancer Diagnostic test: 


The Fee of a cancer diagnostic test depends on the type of test you are taking. An approximation of the costs are given below.


  • Blood tests: INR 200 to INR 7000
  • MRI/PET/CT Scans: INR 3500- INR 15000
  • Biopsies: INR 2000-INR 3000


Your next steps:


  • The best way to learn about how we can help you at ZenOnco.io is to call a Patient Care Manager (PCM) at +91 99 30 70 90 00
  • To read about Diagnostic Tests in detail please click here.